[Arm-netbook] IC for analog and digital buttons (EOMA-68)

Miguel Garcia gacuest at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 11:52:35 BST 2014

2014-08-12 0:54 GMT+02:00 Henrik Nordström <henrik at henriknordstrom.net>:
> Why? If the console is using EOMA68 interface connector and signalling
> then why would it not be EOMA-68?

The console will be compatible with EOMA-68 and TOTOTO.

You can use any EOMA-68 card if you want.

Furthermore, the TOTOTO card would be an exclusive card for this
console. This card will bring all software for the console already
prepared and optimized. It would be especially for normal users who
want everything without doing anything

However, we would release the software of TOTOTO cards and if you
already have a EOMA-68, you can install this software on it.

> What in TOTOTO makes it not EOMA-68?

Software optimized for the console that makes no sense in a generic
EOMA-68 card (such as a tablet or a router).

The rest is the same as a EOMA-68 card.

For example, imagine a card that when you turn it on, the card run
only emulators (like SNES, PSX, Dreamcast...) optimized for that card.
That does not make sense in a tablet or a router and would be
impossible in a generic EOMA-68 card.

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