[Arm-netbook] IC for analog and digital buttons (EOMA-68)

Henrik Nordström henrik at henriknordstrom.net
Mon Aug 11 23:54:23 BST 2014

mån 2014-08-11 klockan 18:20 +0200 skrev Miguel Garcia:

> There are instances where I might be interested in installing an OS
> optimized for consoles (such as OpenDingux in JZ4775 like GCW-Zero).


> I think it would be interesting to sell this card with this OS
> installed. But this would only interest in a console (not in tablets
> or similar), so it makes no sense a EOMA-68 with this software.

Why? If the console is using EOMA68 interface connector and signalling
then why would it not be EOMA-68?

> Could we buy you the EOMA-68 that interest us, rename it (for example
> TOTOTO), install on it our software and sell only for the console?

Yes, unless the manufacturer of said card has some meaningful objections
on you relabeling their card and refuses to deal with you..

> The console will be compatible with EOMA-68 and TOTOTO. But other
> EOMA-68 chasis won't be compatible with TOTOTO.

What in TOTOTO makes it not EOMA-68?

> Then, geeks users can install the OS/software of EOMA-68 in TOTOTO and
> convert the EOMA-68 in a TOTOTO card. Or install the OS/software of
> TOTOTO in EOMA-68 and convert the TOTOTO in a EOMA-68 card.



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