[Arm-netbook] EOMA lapdock

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Tue Dec 10 17:28:22 GMT 2013

There has been much discussion on creating an EOMA laptop.  In the
meanwhile, an EOMA lapdock can be created by connecting an Improv board
to a lapdock. 

A lapdock does not work well on a lap though. A lapdock needs to be on a
desk or table. With a slight movement of my lap, the touchpad and
keyboard freeze on my second Atrix lapdock while connected to a raspi.
Sometimes pushing the Blackberry 900 Y splitter data cable tigher onto
the lapdock's USB plug fixes the problem. Other times, it does not and
sometimes causes shut down. I returned my first Atrix lapdock because
slightly moving my lap caused the monitor to turn red and buzzing. I had
to keep pushing the HDMI adapter tighter on the lapdock's HDMI plug.

Matthew Ritchie manufactured custom HDMI and USB cables to insert inside
an lapdock to replace the lapdock's plugs. I do not know whether his
cables solves the wiggle problem. I watched videos on disassemblying a
lapdock, but haven't tried it. There are four models of lapdocks. The
100 lapdock cannot be opened without breaking it.
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