[Arm-netbook] Keymap problems in X11 with arrow keys, PgUp and PgDn

JLB j at twu.net
Sun Apr 18 02:50:44 BST 2010

Hey all,

         So, I got X11 set up using the Xorg configuration file as
previously posted to this list by Frans Pop. It mostly works just fine. 
However, here is one big problem:

 	The arrow keys (including their Fn-key counterparts, 
PgUp/PgDn/etc.) do not seem to do ANYTHING. Does anyone know why this 
might be, or how I might go about fixing it? I already poked through the 
Xfce's keyboard settings, which was less than useless (it didn't even 
present options for changing the keymapping).

 	Any help with this issue would be very much appreciated.


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