[Arm-netbook] Current status of video driver

JLB j at twu.net
Sun Apr 18 00:20:21 BST 2010

Hi guys,

 	I have looked through the relevant documentation at (and linked to 
from) http://elinux.org/CT-PC89E, but have not found any documentation re: 
an X11 driver for this unit.

 	I recall some chatter on this list pertaining to an accelerated 
(even 3D-accelerated!) video driver for X.org which would work with the 
chipset in the CT-PC89E. I also recall that somebody (Adam? Luke?) had a 
unit with an atypical chipset that was not like that in the others' 

 	In any case, I have installed Debian successfully on my unit, but 
I would really appreciate the ability to set up X11. Without X11, this is 
just a glorified terminal. Not that I don't like terminals, mind you... 
but my GF would appreciate the ability to, you know, do graphical things 


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