[Arm-netbook] SO-DIMM Upgrade Proposal: CT-PC89E with an 833mhz S5PC100 and 1gb of RAM - anyone interested?

Adam Gill madallig at gmail.com
Fri Apr 2 16:40:21 BST 2010

Need clarification on this so-dimm. For USD 150.00 this includes all 
revisions? ..until we get the all the fine tuning done? .. or will 
additional funding be required until we have a final so-dimm?

How many are in? If many are in - then the price goes down? If there are 
others that want a new CT-PC89E/Seatron type netbook - maybe they would 
also want to have the new so-dimm ...
For the new so-dimm what I think we need is:
1. 1GHz processor
2. 512MB RAM
3. Micro SD card slot for the hard drive - which means it is possible to 
always upgrade memory to the highest available
4. Nand flash can be included on the so-dimm if there is space - but i 
cannot see the point of having this if we are going to have a micro-sd slot
5. Pinouts or switch for emergency recovery

You mentioned that there is space to make the so-dimm a little longer as 
there is a bit of space inside the case which can be utilized

We have to make sure that non-Chitech type CT-PC89E's share the same 
motherboard or what the differences are ...

> On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 2:44 PM, Joakim Seeberg <kontakt at seebergit.dk> wrote:
>> I will donate USD $150 to the project. Specs looks fine to me.
>> - Joakim
>  joakim, thank you - that's absolutely great.  i've been speaking with
> james over the past couple of days.  he says that:
> * if we get 20 samples done, it is way too small to do an SMT run, so
> he will use an iron bed to solder the components by hand, himself
> * the cost of each SO-DIMM he estimates to be about $43 (even at
> sample pricing for the components)
> * there is a one-off setup charge of $1150 or so for a PCB
> manufacturer to create the tooling for the PCB
> * there is one other cost that he's going to look up and find out about.
> what's behind this is that i've been talking to james and the people
> he's working for some months, they are designing a PDA using the exact
> same components.  james will do the PDA first, get that done; i will
> be helping him to get the linux kernel running on it; then we will
> have a tried-and-tested PCB, convert it to an SO-DIMM by removing
> everything we don't need, and the linux kernel will be done, already,
> ready to merge with the CT-PC89E design.
>  it's not _quite_ going to be that simple, because i have to get all
> the pinouts - many thanks to ben dooks for advising me on how the
> DM9000 works, i will look for the RESET, SELECT and nWAIT lines next,
> that will be another 1.5% of the job done :)
> l.
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