[Arm-netbook] OT: Food for thought

zap zapper at disroot.org
Wed Jul 10 14:53:02 BST 2019

> I did not mean to indicate that suicide was the answer. I was trying to
> say that a system that kills itself is suicidal and that in as much as I
> participate in it then I too will be killing my field and aught to be in
> another.
> My hope is in doing things differently in keeping with the obvious
> words of Christ: "Neither do men light a candle (the candle of science),
> and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may give light
> to all that are in the house." -- Douay Rheims
Ah, okay. Just making sure. Suicide is understandable to me, but its 
still not a good idea or right no matter the reason.  Though I do 
sympathize with people who think they need to.

That being said, if everything we have comes from God, why on earth do 
we try to copyright things to death to the point where when we sell 
stuff, we still technically own a part of it and the other person only 
half owns it. It really doesn't add up.

That being said, on an unrelated note,  I wonder if OpenBSD or a fork of 
it, will ever be put on the eoma68 laptop. (I know its a standard, but I 
was talking about all revisions of it.)

I only ask, because OpenBSD can be used in a libre way and because its 
the most secure known operating system on the planet that I know of.

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