[Arm-netbook] OT: Food for thought

J.L. eaterjolly at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 20:30:22 BST 2019

@Doark, I appreciate how you attached the (s) at the end.
A nice gesture of "good faith" for any pagan..

Unfortunately, new ideas tend to require isolation from existing ideas.
People create more quarky software, when they have no examples to go on.

Free information AND free culture,
somewhat, if not mostly depend, on people isolating their selves from
to continue developing new perspectives.

Increasing awareness about internet addictions as well as what makes
them unique,
as well as discussion about filter bubbles which may lead to more
rigorous libre designs,
we can behold that shift however we must lockstep with internet
community health.

Not to derail an already wobbly train.
As for suicide,
This disturbing zeitgeist causes me to feel a few axioms need said.
Too many, too prestigious forums censor these moral views.
(including wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Eaterjolly )
I deem giving meaning to another's suicidal ideation, (normative-ly) immoral.
I deem actively (contrary to passively) preventing suicide more
heinous than murder.

We could discuss for ages the caveats and reasons.
If anyone would like to, I invite them to email me directly..
we could even start a group discussion. Sounds grimly fun.

More on-topic:
@Luke, your 3D printer setup still impresses me.

P.S. I changed my tagline name to J.L., but you all knew me as "Jean"
or "Jean-Luc" Flamelle previously (nickname, hopefully one day real
name). I haven't posted in a while.


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