[Arm-netbook] Project status / 3D printing of resin cases?

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 04:35:39 BST 2018

@David -- I assume with your HDMI adapter, you're dealing with Chinese eBay
sellers. I find that you have to nag them (three times!) about everything
in order to get anything done. It's usually after the third nearly
identical message that they figure out that you actually want them to get
off their duff and do something useful... I really don't understand why
they're like that -- it's like they care only about the money they're
getting, and that whether or not they actually ship product is a secondary
concern (let alone what condition it is in once it arrives...).

I can actually recommend one particular seller -- they deal with driver
boards for eg laptop LCDs, I got one for a Dell e6400 lid assembly from
them -- they are under the eBay handle "ruohan666". They were extremely
good, and when there was a problem (I /really/ should have removed that
obviously spurious blob of solder before applying power to the kit!) they
sent me a whole replacement kit, and did so rather speedily. But behavior
like theirs is sadly the exception (and a grand one at that), rather than
the rule.

Also, I feel your pain with the DP connector -- I have a project I keep
putting off because I don't think I can manage the 0.4mm pitch Hirose-clone
connector involved. It turns out that the LCD in my mother's deceased Nexus
7 tablet has *almost* the same timings as that e6400 LCD, and I have the
LVDS connector's pinout and a spare driver board. I don't need the inverter
board because driving the backlight is as simple as wiring up 5v and a 100k
pot. The two panels may or may not in fact be compatible -- I'd love to
find out -- but that damned connector stuffs two rows of fifteen pins into
a 3/8" long space... I'm pretty decent with the ol' iron, but I don't think
I'm *that* good.

For the record, the two timings that are out of spec on the Nexus 7 LCD are
the front and back porches.

...and, as an aside -- if anyone wants to make a cable for my connector
(it's Panasonic's AXT530124; Digikey has it; email me and I'll send you a
picture of the pinout needed) and a cable for David, I'm sure we both will
be eternally grateful. Depending on the time of the month, I may be able to
Paypal a small amount ($10 or so) to help with expenses... I'm in North
Carolina, USA, for shipping purposes.

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