[Arm-netbook] A minimal A10 SBC

Ajith Kumar bpajith at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 06:12:51 GMT 2013

      A rough schematic of an A10 based SBC has been done in Kicad, with
the intentions getting it corrected collectively and leave it open, along
with all details. Once the schematic is finalized the PCB layout will be
done in PADS (due to the DDR3 length matching requirements). In the
meantime a Kicad layout also will be done to explore the optimal placement
and routing manually.

The files are kept at  http://www.iuac.res.in/~elab/phoenix/SBC/

Reached here thanks to help from Luke Leighton and Joe Michael. Hope it
will move forward with feedback from all.
This is done as a part of the expEYES <http://expeyes.in/> project.

with regards


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