[Arm-netbook] Microarchitecture by Osmosis

David Niklas doark at mail.com
Sat Feb 9 20:37:20 GMT 2019

Is the CDC 6600 and it's successors an open source CPU? The way luke talks
about the CDC 6600, it is totally available for inspection, unless you're
looking for the more obscure parts where you just have to know someone.

If so, I'd be interested in finding out more. Experimenting with your own
CPU using plain old off-the-shelf parts is rather interesting. Yes, I
have heard of the youtube guy who made a CPU called Megaprocessor.

I often think that we lost a lot of genius due to the closed source
nature of modern processors. Not to mention the methods of creating these
CPU designs.

Concerning luke's need to drive 128 gates from 1. You could probably
operate more gates at once if you used a MOSFET instead of a normal
transistor for your driving gate (I have no idea if or how that would
work in silicon though).


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