[Arm-netbook] mali gpu reverse engineering lkcl may ignore

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> Because I deleted a previously email about this subject, I start a new
> email.
> Info. Lkcl said, he is not in favor of reverse engineering a mali gpu.
> Because it is about 150000eu and new gpus will emerge during the reverse
> engineering and the outcome is uncertain.
> I agree on his arguments.

I assume you don not agree.

 150000eu is a crowd funding of 30000 people, each 5eu. I would pay an
> extra 5eu to be able to buy a source code computer.

Th issue with revese engineering the MALI gpu's is not justs about money.
ARM ltd. actively Seeks and destroys attempts on a OSS mail driver.

So that money needed is not only going to coding but is probably also
needed for legel fees and marketing against the smear and laster campaign.

They have already made one person's life very difficult:

> I do not know if 30000 people are interested or if they can agree on one
> board.

But freeing MALI would help a lot of devices out there. So I'd trough in
some bucks. RE'ing MALI would not be for just one board.

> You cannot get the mali source code faster, if you put more people on it?

Finding the right minds and right amount of them working on the same thing
is a hard equation.

You could add me to that team but my skills would be of limited use. Adding
someone of the same skill set would probably be even less effective.

So more money or more people is not the solutions. The right people and the
right amount is needed.

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