[Arm-netbook] mali gpu reverse engineering lkcl may ignore

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Mon May 22 02:56:18 BST 2017

If you can get a crowdfund on a used/widely spread (and if lucky still
in production) mali gpu and put the code under gpl you'll have 5 bucks
and my voice around the people I know.
The problem is always media coverage.
You need to take examples on (ugh I have to say it) hype campaigns.

I wish you luck.

Le 22/05/2017 00:06, ronwirring at Safe-mail.net a écrit :
> Because I deleted a previously email about this subject, I start a new email.
> Info. Lkcl said, he is not in favor of reverse engineering a mali gpu. Because it is about 150000eu and new gpus will emerge during the reverse engineering and the outcome is uncertain.
> I agree on his arguments. I do not find them strong enough. Maybe lkcl assumed it was about a mali gpu on a pc card. It was not. My question was a general question about getting a broadly known mali gpu reverse engineered. In my email I referenced the https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1771382379/firefly-rk3399-six-core-64-bit-high-performance-pl because according to lkcl it is as fast as a duo core intel mainboard and only the mali gpu software is not source code.
> There is no new arm source code computer for sale. I think one should be provided. People must be able to get one. 150000eu is a crowd funding of 30000 people, each 5eu. I would pay an extra 5eu to be able to buy a source code computer.
> I do not know if 30000 people are interested or if they can agree on one board.
> You cannot get the mali source code faster, if you put more people on it?
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