[Arm-netbook] early access EOMA68 to hardware for parabola ARM maintainers?

Andreas Grapentin andreas at grapentin.org
Sat May 13 21:00:58 BST 2017

Hi Luke,

On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 05:30:47PM +0100, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>  at some point i'll need an address and tel no and name for a courier,
> the name on the page is just to get an idea of numbers and also
> preferably put how you can be contacted (email address) if it's not
> obvious

understood. I'll produce  a list of hackers and contact info.

>  eek!  that's quite a lot, but with something like... i forget exactly
> how many but i believe it's like... 200 or so parabola cards, it's
> probably a good idea.

also understood. I will make sure that we only request the cards we actually
need. I will talk to the maintainers and make sure they are all in the loop. I
am confident we can get this number down a bit.

>   bear in mind that the prototypes are like of the order of $USD *200
> to 250 each*, and also that courier costs as well as the prototype
> production costs eat into the budget which is already getting tight,
> the less amount of money that comes out of that budget the more is
> available to help the project succeed.  so i leave it up to you to
> decide.

also understood. I will try and source some budget so that parabole does not
produce any unnecessary costs.

>  one thing: whatever happens, please do *not* just let the Cards sit
> on shelves once you are done with them.  if you're not going to use
> them, *please find a home for them* and ask people to respect the same
> thing.  the idea is that these Cards have an ongoing recycled lifespan
> until they literally fall apart, as they're part of an "Eco-Conscious"
> angle of Computing Appliance Reuse.

don't worry, I have literally dozens of projects in mind with those cards ;)

>  couple weeks for the 2.7.4 revisions, that'll be QTY 10 which i'll
> test out.  ETAs during pre-production testing phases... you just
> *cannot* give *any* guarantees whatsoever.

allright, thanks for the info Luke, I will talk to our arm team again, make sure that everyone understands the things you told me, and then get back to you with a number, and then we will wait patiently for the cards to hit :)

thank you all for the awesome work you are doing!



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