[Arm-netbook] early access EOMA68 to hardware for parabola ARM maintainers?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat May 13 17:30:47 BST 2017

On Thu, May 11, 2017 at 4:34 PM, Andreas Grapentin
<andreas at grapentin.org> wrote:

>> any takers please put alias down here so i get a quick idea of numbers
>> http://rhombus-tech.net/allwinner_a10/ "

 hi, sorry andreas, my mailer decided to move all arm-netbooks
messages to a folder without my consent after i changed the name of
the list a couple of days ago.  bit of an "aiyaaa" moment, so thank
you to everyone who's been carrying on the conversation!

> This looks very promising. I need to ask a couple more questions:

> Could parabola as a whole go into that list, with a to-be-determined
> number of cards, or would we need to name the individual hackers?

 at some point i'll need an address and tel no and name for a courier,
the name on the page is just to get an idea of numbers and also
preferably put how you can be contacted (email address) if it's not

> We have at least three people working on the arm port, maybe more. Would
> asking for ~5 cards still be in the right ballpark?

 eek!  that's quite a lot, but with something like... i forget exactly
how many but i believe it's like... 200 or so parabola cards, it's
probably a good idea.

> Would the prototypes be lent to us? donated? sold?

  bear in mind that the prototypes are like of the order of $USD *200
to 250 each*, and also that courier costs as well as the prototype
production costs eat into the budget which is already getting tight,
the less amount of money that comes out of that budget the more is
available to help the project succeed.  so i leave it up to you to

 one thing: whatever happens, please do *not* just let the Cards sit
on shelves once you are done with them.  if you're not going to use
them, *please find a home for them* and ask people to respect the same
thing.  the idea is that these Cards have an ongoing recycled lifespan
until they literally fall apart, as they're part of an "Eco-Conscious"
angle of Computing Appliance Reuse.

> Is there an ETA?

 couple weeks for the 2.7.4 revisions, that'll be QTY 10 which i'll
test out.  ETAs during pre-production testing phases... you just
*cannot* give *any* guarantees whatsoever.

 if this was the "production" phase then it would be a totally
different matter: there would be a set schedule (because the factory
has to slot everything in).


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