[Arm-netbook] microdesktop casework as DXF files for laser-cutting

Tor, the Marqueteur Marqueteur at FineArtMarquetry.com
Fri Mar 31 09:44:25 BST 2017

On 30/03/17 19:28, Normand Chamberland wrote:
> Hello,
> 2017-03-30 21:36 GMT-04:00 Tor, the Marqueteur
>  If I understand you, you mean something like this?
> https://github.com/normandc/EOMA68/tree/master/Microdesktop/Images

That's exactly the direction I was thinking.
> Please note I didn't add the dadoes nor vents and kerfing for the curved
> sides.
> There's really not a lot holding the PCB, about 0.6mm due to the PCMCIA
> Connector being so close to the edge on the right (as can be shown in
> images 06 & 07 which has the front plate hidden). Maybe pieces oriented
> sideways would be best as they could provide more support width.

Or you might be able to cut a notch where the PCMCIA connector interferes
or put in a shallower dado for it, though the latter would take extra
time in the laser.

> Also, with the bottom plate exceeding by 3mm all around this may make it
> hard to insert/remove the SD card, the plate might need to be notched.

That's a consideration.

It also occurs to me that if the design has the PCB held at one level,
with the connectors all just mounted to the PCB, then the Z instability
doesn't make that much difference.  Just account for it so the top
doesn't collapse down making the ports unusable and be done with.  Most
users are probably unlikely to be carrying it from desert to wet
rainforest too often.  Recommend "firm hand tight" for the screws, and
few if any will notice a problem.

> Normand

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