[Arm-netbook] microdesktop casework as DXF files for laser-cutting

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Fri Mar 31 06:28:49 BST 2017


2017-03-30 21:36 GMT-04:00 Tor, the Marqueteur <
Marqueteur at fineartmarquetry.com>:

> This could be used in conjunction with a dado in the top and bottom
> pieces and rabbeting the sides.  This would keep the unmarked top and
> bottom (with optional venting laser fretwork logos, etc.), and still
> allow the sides to be held.  This would require flipping the sides to
> laser the kerfs for the bends, and alignment of PCB mounting dadoes (on
> the second laser operation) might be tricky at best.
> The other option would be to dado the top/bottom for the full thickness
> of the sides and let the top/bottom extend past the sides.
> If a pair of internal pieces are used for mounting the PCB/card, then
> you're up to eight pieces, but still less than the 11 I recall being
> mentioned, and probably at better material efficiency.
> Tor

 If I understand you, you mean something like this?


Please note I didn't add the dadoes nor vents and kerfing for the curved

There's really not a lot holding the PCB, about 0.6mm due to the PCMCIA
Connector being so close to the edge on the right (as can be shown in
images 06 & 07 which has the front plate hidden). Maybe pieces oriented
sideways would be best as they could provide more support width.

Also, with the bottom plate exceeding by 3mm all around this may make it
hard to insert/remove the SD card, the plate might need to be notched.

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