[Arm-netbook] thoughts, for the future or a late future,

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Jun 27 15:22:30 BST 2017

but I think whenever you decide to make a new eoma68 laptop design, make
it a 13 inch instead of 11 inch.

aka, more space, means more durability heat-wise...

This would be even more effective whenever you start making your own
processors probably because then it wouldn't need to be as low

This is one idea I just wanted to throw at ya,

but another idea came to me, its just an idea of course, but a
libertybsd based router would be ultra secure I bet.

if it is possible I mean. ;)

Libertybsd = openbsd without blobs

ps, if you decide to make a processor from lowrisc, will it have 3d
acceleration/support for the latest opengl?

Those are my thoughts for now. Tell me what you think.

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