[Arm-netbook] Side-Topic: Liberating PocketCHIP

Pablo Rath pablo at parobalth.org
Tue Aug 8 11:11:07 BST 2017

On Fri, Aug 04, 2017 at 10:17:22AM +0200, mike.valk at gmail.com wrote:
> Well they've announced the CHIP to be more open and supported than
> actually delivered.
> Now that is unfortunately common practice. And due to experiences in
> the past, Poulsbo, Andriod, I already knew that they would not be able
> to deliver that, especially at that price point. Hey they even
> promised opensource 3d graphics if the crowdfunding was successful
> enough, if I recall correctly.
> But that is just us. That might not, and probably is, be true for a
> lot of their customers, like David. That's we're the evil lies I
> think. Announcing a "libre" computer but fail to follow it through.
> Yes there is open source software for you to use, yes there
> schematics.

Please correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure they did not
announce a "libre" computer. They use the term "open source" and "very
open source" on their kickstarter page. People in the "Open Source Camp"
seem to be more inclined to accept a very open source system with
proprietary wifi.

kind regards

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