[Arm-netbook] [review] SoC proposal

Tony Garnock-Jones tonyg at ccs.neu.edu
Thu Feb 9 04:00:49 GMT 2012

On 2012-02-08 8:46 PM, lkcl luke wrote:
>  if you've got direct first-hand experience of the types of low-level
> operations involved in 3D i could... damn, i could really have used
> your help last year: i put out a call on the various mailing lists for
> some help in evaluating what was needed at the assembly level for 3D
> primitives and got no response.

Dan Amelang at VPRI and UCSD
http://www.vpri.org/html/team_bios/danAmelang.htm has been working on
DSLs for computer graphics for a little while now, and has developed a
deeply impressive language for describing graphics pipelines called
Nile. He and others at VPRI have plans to target Nile directly at GPUs.
They've been foiled so far by the closed nature of the GPU interfaces,
but I'm sure Dan would be able to tell you what kinds of raw support
from the hardware would make Nile run well...

So Dan has an interesting take on the software. If someone can make
hardware that fits smoothly, perhaps something of beauty could result!


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