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Jonathan Ervine jon.ervine at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 08:17:02 GMT 2010

On 12 Mar 2010, at 15:56, Adam Gill wrote:

> Hi Jon,
> Can you remind us what exactly we have to put on ther 2gb ..... how to format it ...what to unpack on the sd card ... can the data be copied there or how to do .. 
> I just cannot get my netbook to boot  ..... however many times I  try or however many different ways i put the data on the sd card  ....
> There must be a wat to get this netbook to boot without having to send it back to the factory ...

First off the SD card *must* be smaller than 4GB in capacity.
Then it must be formatted with the FAT filesystem. This is how every card I've ever bought has come pre-formatted as, so it's likely that you won't have to worry about formatting or partitioning the card.
You then simply have to copy on the contents of the http://lkcl.net/arm_systems/CT-PC89E/ct-pc89e-firmware.tgz archive file to this SD card.
Power off the netbook, and whilst pressing the left and right corners of the mouse button, so that both 'buttons' are pressed, power on the netbook. If it all goes well, you should get blue text. If it can't read the card or the card is too large (or doesn't have the files required) then it will be red text. If you haven't pressed the buttons correctly it will just boot as normal.

What are you currently seeing happen Adam? Red, blue or no text?

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