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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Thu Jan 2 08:11:40 GMT 2020

On Thursday, January 2, 2020, zap <zapper at disroot.org> wrote:

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> > the consequences - the risk of a clash in the ISA - would be
> > absolutely disastrous.
> Oh really? That's odd... hmm... so you have to abandon risc-v you are
> saying?

abandon *innovating* with RISCV, yes.

> Pity that's your only option. I wonder if I should tell others about this.

the circumstances are pretty unique, so it's up to you.  they are:

* a Mass Volume commercial product
* a Mass Volume LIBRE product
* a Mass Volume Libre product where the business opportunity is FULL
* a paramount need to innovate BEYOND that which is dictated in a fascist
manner by the RISCV Foundation (i.e. they refused to follow Trademark Law's

very few other products have  these requirements.

* a closed secretive company that is developing a proprietary extension may
do so as a CUSTOM extension. there is no chance of the extension becoming

* an "open source" product simply implenenting EXISTING standards without
ISA innovation clearly has no problem.

* an "extension vendor" has no problem because they will be selling to
proprietary secretive corporations.

* an academic product also has no problem.

* a NONCOMMERCIAL "open" design which NEVER becomes a commercial product
also gaw no problem.

* an UNSUCCESSFUL or niche product, even if it violates Trademark Law by
using Custom OPcodes without authotisation, that is not intended to be mass
volume also does not cause absolute chaos.

> >
> >> I guess my point is, they use more battery power than intel even.
> > what, PowerPC?  that's a poor micro-architectural choice that doesn't
> > have anything specifically to do with the ISA, especially when the VLE
> > book (Variable Length Encoding) exists (equivalent to RVC).
> >
> > l.
> Okay, well you did say openpower, what is that?

google "open power foundation"


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