[Arm-netbook] eoma68 a20 card production

Alexander Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Fri Jun 21 18:13:37 BST 2019

On 21/06/2019 4:13 pm, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:> On Friday,
June 21, 2019, Alexander Ross <maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me>
> wrote:
>> For me, Posts like these are far better than a date :)
> The irony is that the updates become a canonical list of Everything That
> Could Go Wrong on an ooen hardware project...
also shows how your one of the few projects to get a lot of things right:

*Is possible to devolop, make stuff in china. Without years of
experience. By being in china.

*You made contacts with locals like mike that have been very helpful.

*Is possible to use china tricks to save money, lower bom. Cheaper, easy
to get components in china markets that do the job.
*-Getting the balance right with how cheap ya go. (the li batt charger,
usb power IC pain). With success with components like cap choices,
headphone amp,...

Most techys avoid making stuff in china like the wind, buy everything
from digikey at X markup. You sodded that and documented and helped
shown it can be done. Lots of lessons like with anything but it is
possible. Where’s most techys can’t face it. I do wish they adapt a can
do attitude too.

*Demonstrated tons of perseverance. if someone whats someone that gets
the job done and doesn’t give up easily (If at all?!), your the person
to hire :)

* Example of careful considerate engineering. You thought about
environmental impact of may parts of your designs.

* You didn’t keep oppies behind closed doors.

* you made sure you didn’t make stupid common proprietary mistakes, like
accepting proprietary drivers. Unlike fairphone that disregarded that
everything needed to use phone should be libre software. Then they had
problem of there anti obsolescences phones becoming obsolescent like
most phones which they marketed them selfs as not being! All because of
the drivers! Then they do shiny marketing post to try and undo the
damage. oow look we listening, a bit more now... urrgh well if only
there where considerate in the first place!

* librem had to do shiny oow look of course intel wont release there cpu
firmware like we can encouraged you to think would happen but lets do a
little campaign against mutli billion company, maybe if more of us ask
nicely they will give us the code with all its usa backdoors :)? huh yea

though they did seam to get something out of it after the campaign?? or
was that someone elses work that helped save the day? i forget.

* nokia made linux phone but key drivers where secret... well that phone
didn’t get so much adaptation... put me off.

* Ind.ie Sold the dream of a libre software phone, in the end delivered
just the social network but for mac only.

* Ubuntu nearly got enough millions of funding for phone. yet if they
had gone for a not so hard to make design, hired you :) and got the same
funding they maybe they could have made a phone after all.

* intel thought eoma68 was a good idea too but just had to make there
own version so they thought they could turn it into a intel only
monopoly. Snag is that’s what killed it. If they had been more
considerate and less fool. They would have then let go of sabotaging it
by thy own monopoly effort in order for it to have a better chance of

Refreshingly your one of the few projects/people to not make those awful
mainstream mistakes. No over selling, over promising, monopolization,
Making practical choices for products more in reach with small production.

The fact you have made such refreshing decisions means i am very willing
to put up with lots of woes, lessons because you trying to do what
others have not managed to do.
I’m also quite forgiving anyway :)

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