[Arm-netbook] OT: Food for thought

zap zapper at disroot.org
Tue Jul 9 05:00:06 BST 2019

> Ah, here the story is:
> https://web.archive.org/web/20150225094201/http://english.cw.com.tw/article.do?action=show&id=14895
> It seems to me that there will always be thieves in the world. Hiding
> science does more harm to the scientific community then the
> thieves.
> Think long term though, luke, as chip fabrication plants are prone to
> do, at least for process design and improvement. If I'm a priest and I'll
> give away copies of the Bible and your a chip fabrication guru and you
> don't ever tell anyone anything about chip fabrication what will the
> population learn about?! Isn't it obvious that science will ultimately
> die off or become some super diluted idiocy (old wives tales)?! If people
> are willing to die for God(s) (real or not), but not even lift a finger,
> but instead purposefully restrict knowledge and understanding, to teach
> their fellow man the sciences will the sciences not be out competed many
> to one?! Am I the only one who sees this (our/your/the chip fabs), fate?
To be honest, I don't really understand why more people don't support 
freedom of knowledge more, one of the basic beliefs of serving God was 
supposed to be freedom to be the best you, you can be. Yet at the same 
time, there are people out there who *claim to believe in god* who think 
excercising freedom means hoarding knowledge or rights for yourself only 
and restricting others. The irony of that is that you cannot serve both 
money or God. Another irony though is that sharing is universally a good 
thing and in many ways is Godly.  As long as it isn't about sharing 
people... aka romance...

I also believe though we need to take better care of our world. Stupid 
people who don't believe in any form of science or believe in psuedo 
science(s) should not be our rulers, etc... Extremism, as always is the 
main issue of life. People like to be all or nothing a lot, but I 
believe that all or nothing thinking leads to calamities. There is a lot 
of gray out there. Some darker, some lighter. Emulation is a perfect 
example of this, as companies genuinely seem to want to make you have to 
pay for multiple copies of the same thing if one breaks. This is 
complete bs, digital restrictions management and all rights reserved 
licenses will always be the wrong method due to the issue of not being 
allowed to modify or share or reveal what is in it.

PS, I don't believe science and God disprove each other. There can be 
unfamothable parallels.

Many paths, many sorrows, one hope only.

> I digress, this cannot be my life. It's fundamentally not for me. I'm a
> fool for wanting to learn -- anything. I'm wedded to suicide. I'd be
> equally productive considering the long term, in watching the clouds go
> by. I'm going to do things differently... much, much differently, if I
> have any say so at all in the matter!
As for this, suicide is not the answer.  IF someone is truly evil on a 
nazi level, I think its less bad, but still bad nonetheless.

I wish you the best on finding hope in life. That being said, evil is 
very hard to avoid in our pit of a world.

PS, anyone reading this may agree to disagree if they choose. I don't 
want to force people to be a certain way. Everyone has a path to carve, 
choose wisely.

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