[Arm-netbook] New Economics Wikipage

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 16:46:13 GMT 2018

I'm starting the new page to address ideas on how to incent more to
support the project.

Since cryptocurrency was a recent hot-topic and some appreciated my
input there, I'll be starting with a brief rundown of why the topic is
complicated and might one start if they want to deep dive into it. I
don't want to give my opinion on which currencies we should accept,
even standard ones, because the issue is so deep I'd rather help
others break into the conversation. Mindshare is really crucial here,
because this defines all-in-all the people the project supports, how
much the project supports them, and who will be incent to support the
project as a result.

We don't want to goad people into spreading word, sharing references,
and funding EOMA or FLOSS. We want to play nice and win their hearts
then only after recognizing we've won them over convince them to do
those things.

The level of disclosure this mailing-list demonstrates such impeccable
willingness to abide that principle, that is what really won me into


Aside, I'm still going to be on and off contributing to the "proposed
best practices" page.
I would like to start with examples of what I consider pretty
impressive projects.
I am also interested in liberating CHIP, but I want to get a more
thorough understanding of electronic circuit firmware before I move

As is important to say, I'd rather do well or have not done at all.

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