[Arm-netbook] Can’t LogIn To Wiki?

Jean Flamelle eaterjolly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 13:14:25 GMT 2018

On 1/28/18, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> wrote:
>  eyy according to that article what you say phil makes *perfect
> sense*!  all "aggregate things" are conscious

tehehe, I believe that belief is called animism and it's the inverse
of deism. To say every body of mass possesses spirit with a weaker
influence if inanimate than animate bodies, but also with a different
influence. A spirit which makes the lilies grow, for an animist, won't
also be a ghost that can throw a book. Though nothing is to say book
throwing ghosts can't communicate with lily growing mushi (japanese:
"master spirit" implying "master of a specific domain" not "master of

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