[Arm-netbook] updates from eoma68-a20

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Jan 28 02:40:06 GMT 2018

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On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 2:12 AM, zap <calmstorm at posteo.de> wrote:
>>>>   i really don't know.  RAM prices are so mad that suppliers are
>>>> actually reluctant to find out, because (a) they actually CAN'T get
>>>> hold of them - as in there AREN'T ANY AVAIALBLE or (b) those that are
>>>> available are in such demand that they don't want to commit unless
>>>> you're actually serious and have cash RIGHT now.
>>>>  when i say "there aren't any available" i mean, "demand for apple
>>>> products has gone so insane that the RAM foundries are so overwhelmed
>>>> with APPLE's RAM orders that they haven't got TIME to manufacture
>>>> anything else".
>>> Hmm... Interesting.  That is insane.  so basically for 2gb of ram it
>>> adds 200$ to the price tag or 100$...
>>  yeah.  that's if there's only 10 people.  but there are 900 people.
>> if half of them are prepared to pay extra, that's fine... but it means
>> i now have to get quotes for 450 with 1gb and 450 with 2gb.
>>  that means ONLY an order of 2000 RAM ICs @ 2gb, and ONLY an order of
>> 2000 RAM ICs @ 1gb.
>>  that in turn means that i can't use the supplier i was going to use,
>> because he has a MOQ of 5000 units.
>>  that in turn pushes the prices up for BOTH SETS OF RAM
>>  also the split production will also be much more expensive per unit
>> because now there will be TWO SETS OF SETUP AND TEARDOWN COSTS....
>>  etc.
>>  etc.
>>  etc.
>>  etc.
> This sounds very difficult,

 i don't mind the "difficult" part: what i mind is that the total cost
could well be in excess even of doing 2GB RAM for all boards.

> Well, you would also have to find out how
> many people want 2gb of ram with a poll or something.

 ... which wouldn't cost that much.  my main concern would actually
be: we have quite a lot of empirical evidence to suggest that most
people don't f*****g well read the f*****g updates.  witness the last
set of complaints - RIGHT HERE - where people said, "but but you
didn't say anything about that!!!" and i pointed them DIRECTLY at
MULTIPLE updates which specifically, specifically demonstrated that
they had simply not been paying attention.  at all.

 so, sad as it is to have to point it out, i really do not have *any*
confidence that people will actually bother to engage with a poll in
any meaningful way.

> Pity not everyone
> wants 2gb of ram that badly... ;/

 meh... *sigh*.  i just have to deliver something as best as is possible.


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