[Arm-netbook] updates from eoma68-a20

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Sun Jan 28 02:12:29 GMT 2018

>>>   i really don't know.  RAM prices are so mad that suppliers are
>>> actually reluctant to find out, because (a) they actually CAN'T get
>>> hold of them - as in there AREN'T ANY AVAIALBLE or (b) those that are
>>> available are in such demand that they don't want to commit unless
>>> you're actually serious and have cash RIGHT now.
>>>  when i say "there aren't any available" i mean, "demand for apple
>>> products has gone so insane that the RAM foundries are so overwhelmed
>>> with APPLE's RAM orders that they haven't got TIME to manufacture
>>> anything else".
>> Hmm... Interesting.  That is insane.  so basically for 2gb of ram it
>> adds 200$ to the price tag or 100$...
>  yeah.  that's if there's only 10 people.  but there are 900 people.
> if half of them are prepared to pay extra, that's fine... but it means
> i now have to get quotes for 450 with 1gb and 450 with 2gb.
>  that means ONLY an order of 2000 RAM ICs @ 2gb, and ONLY an order of
> 2000 RAM ICs @ 1gb.
>  that in turn means that i can't use the supplier i was going to use,
> because he has a MOQ of 5000 units.
>  that in turn pushes the prices up for BOTH SETS OF RAM
>  also the split production will also be much more expensive per unit
> because now there will be TWO SETS OF SETUP AND TEARDOWN COSTS....
>  etc.
>  etc.
>  etc.
>  etc.
This sounds very difficult, Well, you would also have to find out how
many people want 2gb of ram with a poll or something.  Pity not everyone
wants 2gb of ram that badly... ;/

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