[Arm-netbook] updates from eoma68-a20

Tor, the Marqueteur Marqueteur at FineArtMarquetry.com
Sat Jan 27 22:10:20 GMT 2018

On 01/27/2018 11:11 AM, zap wrote:
>>  a way to *increase* the budget is therefore the most sensible option
>> to explore and consider.  translation: someone needs to find more
>> money.
> Okay, but when I meant paying a little more, I meant what you would need
> to do it for one person. Aka on an invididual basis if need be...
> request + money aka..>
> If more money can be found however, everyone.  Though I dunno how much
> you would need......

Given that a prototype batch of ten runs $2000 USD, I'd guess this is a
floor for the increased cost without considering the component cost.
Given the age of the processor and related components, this may be a high
bar to reach.

If there is interest, however, is it possible to use Crowd Supply or
another crowd funding site to see if there is adequate interest in
helping cover the additional budget required?  I'd certainly be
interested in the possibility.

>>> It also dawns on me, that meltdown does not affect the a20 arm
>>> processor...
>>  correct.
> I thought so... :)

I've just been doing some reading.  IIUC, Meltdown is specific to Intel
for a decade, and maybe a couple of very new/forthcoming processors.
Spectre, on the other hand, is much more widespread, but without the
Meltdown exploit to leverage a path in, it's very difficult to
successfully attack a system.


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