[Arm-netbook] updates from eoma68-a20

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Sat Jan 27 21:11:43 GMT 2018

>  ok, so anything that goes beyond the available budget is just.... not
> possible.   a mixture of RAM ICs would require an evaluation and a
> quote on exactly how much it would cost to split - and massively
> complicate - both the *ordering* of the RAM ICs *and* the production
> of the PCBs.
>  so it may turn out that consideration of the proposed idea would be
> MASSIVELY more expensive even than doing all PCBs @ 2GB of RAM.
>  a way to *increase* the budget is therefore the most sensible option
> to explore and consider.  translation: someone needs to find more
> money.
Okay, but when I meant paying a little more, I meant what you would need
to do it for one person. Aka on an invididual basis if need be...
request + money aka...

If more money can be found however, everyone.  Though I dunno how much
you would need......
>> 4gb would be
>> nice too of course, but 2gb is probably good enough as long as you don't
>> use virtualization for any reason. :)
>  4gb physical RAM addressing has never been possible with any
> Allwinner processor, ever.  bit of an oversight on their part.
I would agree
>> It also dawns on me, that meltdown does not affect the a20 arm
>> processor...
>  correct.
I thought so... :)

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