[Arm-netbook] Transferring the EOMA standard from elinux.org to markdown / new website

Bluey bluey at smallfootprint.info
Tue Jan 23 03:43:06 GMT 2018

> oh - no it was a discussion where i assessed and preferred - at the
> time - that the standard remain (for now) independent and hosted on an
> independent third party site.

No worries.

> whilst i really like the idea of having a special dedicated domain
> for it, the other problem is, the elinux.org site now has quite a high
> page-rank for the keyword search "EOMA68".  what do you do with the
> page there?  remove it?  that would reduce page-rank and cause quite a
> lot of confusion, suddenly the standard doesn't exist any more??
> what's going on??
> so the solution i came up with was to simply iframe it.

When/if you decide to move the standard, my suggestion would be to put some text on the existing elinux EOMA pages to say that the standard has moved to a dedicated site.  Over time the page ranks would shift over to the new site.  There would also be a number of other SEO activities we could do to boost the page ranking once the new site is up.

>> You’ll notice that I’ve added in some suggested extra pages including: ‘Contribute', ‘About', 'News', and ‘FAQs'.  For the ‘Contribute' page, I had in mind suggesting that people could offer technical, marketing, or financial support to the project.
> i think, these would be great to have on something like eoma68.com
> where the standard is iframe'd in.


> the key thing to understand about the standard is that i, as the
> "Guardian Of The Standard", am NOT PERMITTED to manufacture or in any
> way compete with people who may wish to be implementors of the
> standard.  i can barely get away with the current campaign by claiming
> to be a "contracted assistant and advisor on EOMA68 to a sponsor, a
> commercial company named ThinkPenguin".  me personally actually making
> a PROFIT out of being such an assistant and advisor to ThinkPenguin is
> an absolute NO.

Sure, I understand.  However, I think we can keep it clean/ethical and differentiate between the various projects/teams/individuals easily enough.  I would suggest the following financial and donations setup:

- an ‘Individual' liberapay account for you, Luke, as a libre developer (this is already in place at https://liberapay.com/lkcl/ <https://liberapay.com/lkcl/>);

- a ‘Team' liberapay account for EOMA standard* development, web hosting, and administration (including a percentage of money as wages for those working on the standard); and

- in addition to any money earned through Crowd Supply, an ‘Organisation’ or ‘Team’ liberapay account for Earth-friendly Computers that is managed by its sponsor, ThinkPenguin, with money directed to the project as the sponsor sees fit or that it explicitly specifies upfront.  This might involve using the money to pay, for example, for equipment, raw materials, employee wages, marketing, or contracted assistants and advisors).

* Note, for this 2nd item, that it seems reasonable to me that developing a standard takes legitimate resources that include website hosting, equipment, and time.  To me, that’s not profit.  Although ISO, IEC, etc. are commercial entities, some of the money they make goes to paying for those standards to be developed plus any and all employee and administrative costs.  

Essentially, I think of the EOMA standards project—in all but name—as a non-profit organisation that has operating costs.

>> P.S. I have noticed that sometimes various versions of the standard (e.g., EOMA-68) are written with a hyphen and sometimes without.
> this was discussed 2 years ago.  the glossary section explains it.
> the hyphen is *NOT* correct.  if you find any location which says
> "EOMA-NN" please let me know and i will correct it.

Okay, no worries.  

To start with, I think most of the pages on elinux.org need reviewing, for example:
https://elinux.org/Embedded_Open_Modular_Architecture <https://elinux.org/Embedded_Open_Modular_Architecture> (search for 'EOMA-‘ and you should find 7 matches)
Plus all of the pages for the individual standards (EOMA-68, EOMA-200, etc.)

The Crowd Supply site looks good.  I found just two references to EOMA-68 (one on the front page referenced from an external review) plus one in the title of an update from 2016.

Your liberapay page is fine:
https://liberapay.com/lkcl/ <https://liberapay.com/lkcl/>

There are various references on the Rhombus-Tech site if you put ‘EOMA-‘ in the search box.

I’m not across any other sites you might have for the project, sorry.


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