[Arm-netbook] Transferring the EOMA standard from elinux.org to markdown / new website

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Jan 22 11:35:21 GMT 2018

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On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 9:07 AM, Bluey <bluey at smallfootprint.info> wrote:
> Hi Luke,
> I have some memory of a request for help in transferring the EOMA standard from the elinux.org site to markdown format (as a step towards publishing it on eoma68.com) but can’t find the exact reference in the mailing list archives.  If I’ve remembered that correctly, and it’s something you are looking for help with, I’d be happy to volunteer.

 oh - no it was a discussion where i assessed and preferred - at the
time - that the standard remain (for now) independent and hosted on an
independent third party site.

 whilst i really like the idea of having a special dedicated domain
for it, the other problem is, the elinux.org site now has quite a high
page-rank for the keyword search "EOMA68".  what do you do with the
page there?  remove it?  that would reduce page-rank and cause quite a
lot of confusion, suddenly the standard doesn't exist any more??
what's going on??

 so the solution i came up with was to simply iframe it.

> I have some experience with static-site generators (that, as you’d know, use markdown documents as source files), and could assemble something along those lines if you’d like.  Here’s a quick mockup of a site for the EOMA standard using the MkDocs engine: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZP6WH7ZvLbZLKwpHaokSVkeG02gqd7dt5wQxEdk <https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=kZP6WH7ZvLbZLKwpHaokSVkeG02gqd7dt5wQxEdk>
> The present mockup design is based on the assumption that the specifications for all current and future EOMA standards would be housed on the same website (EOMA-26, EOMA-CF, EOMA-68, etc.); this would, I presume, consequently require the use of a more generic domain name (e.g., EOMAstandard.info/.org) instead of EOMA-68.com but obviously I’ll leave the decision about which way to go with you.  I can easily change the site design to just cover EOMA-68 should that be your preference.
> You’ll notice that I’ve added in some suggested extra pages including: ‘Contribute', ‘About', 'News', and ‘FAQs'.  For the ‘Contribute' page, I had in mind suggesting that people could offer technical, marketing, or financial support to the project.

 i think, these would be great to have on something like eoma68.com
where the standard is iframe'd in.

 the key thing to understand about the standard is that i, as the
"Guardian Of The Standard", am NOT PERMITTED to manufacture or in any
way compete with people who may wish to be implementors of the
standard.  i can barely get away with the current campaign by claiming
to be a "contracted assistant and advisor on EOMA68 to a sponsor, a
commercial company named ThinkPenguin".  me personally actually making
a PROFIT out of being such an assistant and advisor to ThinkPenguin is
an absolute NO.

> If you’d just prefer the pages in markdown (not assembled as a MkDocs site) I can also just do that, in which case I could just create a collection of individual pages in a flat file structure and leave any internal page links I find as they are.
> Cheers,
> Bluey
>> P.S. I have noticed that sometimes various versions of the standard (e.g., EOMA-68) are written with a hyphen and sometimes without.

 this was discussed 2 years ago.  the glossary section explains it.
the hyphen is *NOT* correct.  if you find any location which says
"EOMA-NN" please let me know and i will correct it.

>  I personally feel that the best format would be to include some nominated character to clearly indicate that there are multiple variations of the standard.  You could then use a different character to indicate variation according to type of SOC.

 the decision was made 2 years ago to go with EOMANN-{specialisation}
e.g. EOMA68-A20.


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