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zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Jan 23 01:26:53 GMT 2018

>  that would be one way of looking at it.
>  ... or... it could be the case that it is hopelessly unrealistic and
> just not worth the time and effort - in fact due to the amount of time
> and efffort it takes to do the disassembly and conversion, in
> combination with the fact that second-hand machines are firstly
> distributed world-wide so must be shipped to one location for
> disasseembly and second they're in short supply _anyway_, it could be
> viewed as being highly environmentally IRRESPONSIBLE to spend
> significant energy resources on converting such products.
I am inclined to agree especially with the recent meltdown and spectre

Who knows how many other terrible bugs exist that lie unknown...

But yeah, its better just to make new laptops from scratch for that purpose.

I previously disagreed with this with the exception of using librebooted
devices, until again, those two bugs... opened my eyes.  In the future,
I will buy your stuff for sure.

I await the future of eoma68 standard. I hope you will make a new libre
card at some point... but till then, I will use the libre tea computer
card probably.
>  in other words: when you add up the amount of time and effort
> proposed to be spent, and convert it to an actual dollar amount, i
> estimate that it would come to an amount that would EASILY fund the
> development of an entirely new type of computer.
>  one that can be designed to be repaired, upgraded, respect software
> freedom and not end up in landfill.
>  ... .yeh?
You are correct, and I wish I had realized this a lot sooner.  My bad...
> l.
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