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> Pičugins Arsenijs<crimier at yandex.ru>

Thank you for your email.
There are a lot of pieces of information about this task.
In this email I may forget to address some of them.

I wanted a small eoma pc card notebook. That is
why I obtained the asus 7inch eee pc 4g.
When I got the notebook, I took out the
mainboard because I wanted to see how
much space is in the cabinet.

As I mentioned, I wanted to convert the notebook
to an eoma pc card notebook. Because shipping
of the pc card keeps being delayed I have not 
done more about it. I mentioned the rk3399
mainboard, because it maybe would be an
option if the pc card does not get made.

> If you're ready to work for this

Yes, but we have to set some references.
I am not skilled on electronics. I will have to
move on instructions.
Costs may spiral. I am not going to accept
that. If I am asked to buy a 100usd device, I
will answer no. If I am asked to buy a 50usd
device, I will likely answer no.

I will comment briefly on what you wrote 
about various computer devices.

> The screen is RGBTTL, which is the same interface
>that an EOMA68 card has

If we in a low priced way can get to use the build
in display, that is what we should do. I
mentioned getting a 7inch hdmi display if
that was the only workable solution.
My notebook is an asus 7inch eee pc 4g. I do
not know the precise name of the build in

Camera is not important. We will use the
camera as an usb camera. Else we will
not use it.

About wifi card, I have small usb ar9271 wifi
cards. They work on debian 9 64bit main. Saying
the source software is available. We should
use an usb ar9271 wifi card.

About sound. I have an usb soundcard. It works
on debian 9 64bit main. Saying the device's
source software is available. We should use an
usb soundcard.

About sdcard reader. I have usb sdcard 
readers. They work on debian 9 64bit main.
Saying the devices' source software is
available. We should use an usb sdcard

About storage. My information is, the pc card
will have an sdcard port on the pc card for

> matrix-to-USB converters are both available

Turning the keyboard into an usb keyboard is an
important move. I suggest we make turning the
notebook's keyboard into an usb keyboard our
first step.

About a battery supplying power. I suggest we 
wait until we have a notebook, which will
run on a power supply.

>  maybe email directly

Maybe this modification of a notebook is of
interest for other people. We should use this
email list.

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