[Arm-netbook] pyra computer

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Tue Feb 6 22:01:30 GMT 2018

>    May-be if Ron says <Can lkcl do something>, he means to ask Luke OR
> ANY MEMBER, to give an opinion as to whether Luke's ability or time or
> opportunity, means that Luke can do that something.  If some one means
> to convey THAT, I have not noticed any one here suggest better wording
> than Ron's wording.  But it seems that persons needed Ron to be more
> --verbose.
> :^)
>    Ron, if this is the meaning, then please confirm.  And then may-be,
> persons will react as desired, to future uses of such wording.
Just my two cents, but this has gotten WAY off topic... amusing as that
is for me, its not the purpose of this mailing list... and I don't think
it is very helpful.

So yeah, what is the pyra computer again?
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