[Arm-netbook] Reframing The Holy War

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Mon Dec 10 03:38:32 GMT 2018

> In fact, demanding and ensuring complete control over the technologies
> we use is a pragmatic and entirely justified strategy for anyone who
> cares about their data, their computing capabilities, and even their
> quality of life.

I think it goes much further than that: the control
Apple/Google/Facebook/... have over a large proportion of devices can
give them sufficient leverage to make it possible for them to control
you as well even if you don't use their services (e.g. by them arranging
to have people elected which in turn introduce legislation or executive
orders that impact you).

You might argue we're not there yet, but the Cambridge Analytica affair
makes it pretty obvious that it's a real possibility.


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