[Arm-netbook] Project status / 3D printing of resin cases?

Vincent ml.eoma68 at eml.cc
Mon Aug 13 22:20:19 BST 2018

Dear all,

I'm a little bit worried since there has been no status update for
quite a while and little to no activity on this mailing list for over 2
weeks. I started working on my own PCMCIA EOMA68 module and still rely
on the 3D-printed case and everything related to it (e.g., power

In general, any news would be highly appreciated. In particular, I
would like to know how the 3D-printed cases are making progress. I saw
some development towards a custom 3D-printer and what appears to be PLA
printing attempts. Since I ordered a resin-based case (+$150), what is
the status here?

Many thanks in advance,

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