[Arm-netbook] will lap-top really be 1.1 kg, and how wide

zap calmstorm at posteo.de
Wed Apr 25 01:22:59 BST 2018

First, I don't represent Luke, but given what he has said in the past,

On 04/24/18 18:13, Chadvellacott wrote:
>    I noticed that the campaign's main page on "Crowd Supply", says
> "Only 1.1 kg weight" for the lap-top.  Is this specification, still
> part of the plan?
I don't see why not, the storage drive isn't an ssd nor is it a hdd. 
Also the battery is not a 9 cell, a 6 cell or even a 3 cell. 1 cell.

Also, I imagine it has very few wires/components inside of it.

No wifi card or ethernet card instead it uses wifi adapter usb.

I guess my point is, I don't see why it wouldn't be really close to that
>    And how wide is the lap-top planned to be (from the left edge of
> the case, to the right edge, across the key-board)?  (I imagine that
> 15.6 inches is for the screen itself rather than the whole case, and
> is a diagonal measurement.)
As for this, I cannot comment at all. Luke did tell me once that it
would seem more like a 14 inch. At least that's what I recall anyways
him telling me. *(**I asked WAY TOO MANY QUESTIONS*!*)

*But yeah, unless someone else reponds and says otherwise, who knows
about the project I assume that's the answer you'll get.
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