[Arm-netbook] Logging and journaling

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Feb 11 12:39:46 GMT 2017

ok, so, apologies for not responding for 2 days: the latest cold,
which is back again a fourth time in as many weeks, is leaving me
exhausted.  again.

tzafrir: i've mentioned this a number of times, and am happy to
mention it again, as you appear to have missed it.  the key difference
is massive scope-creep.  look at how the NSA developed libselinux1 and
associated infrastructure.  they got a university involved to develop
the FLASK model.  they set out a design strategy, they set out what
they were going to do, then they did it.  whilst almost everything
else that the NSA does may be questionable, steven smalley is clearly
a smart guy and knows what he's doing.

by contrast the development of systemd has become a critical
single-point of failure for a massive number of distros, where its
developers are clearly and pathologically not taking responsibility
for the consequences of their *technically-driven* decisions, and are
continuing to develop their software without wider consultation.

so, i read what everyone wrote: i think the simplest thing to do is to
just go with the image that i have been working with and testing over
the past two years.  it's using xfce4 (gnome is too heavy).  i know it
works, and i simply don't have the time - or importantly the energy -
to create a new image, *especially* based on people's comments and
reactions that they'd be deeply unhappy with it not being a "stock
image", even if all i did was make it boot sysvinit instead by
default.  those comments *alone* immediately terminate all and any
possibility that i can provide debian/jessie in a 100% ethical way.

on receipt of the cards, anybody who wants to will be free and
entirely at liberty to do "apt-get dist-upgrade" and they will be
taking direct responsibility for doing so.  for those people who are
technically-minded they are also entirely free and at liberty to set
up a from-scratch root filesystem.

this is a decision that is easily justifiable based on the fact that
it's going to have to be distributed with the sunxi 3.4 kernel as
that's the only one which supports the full hardware.


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