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Julie Marchant onpon4 at riseup.net
Thu Feb 9 17:11:33 GMT 2017

On 02/09/2017 11:45 AM, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>  (2) putting on angband.pl's nosystemd repositories.  this is "hard
> work" for me to both set up, and for others to remove (revert) just as
> you say, so i am unlikely to do it... but it's an option.

>   for my laptop i'm using angband.pl's nosystemd, which is not kept
> up-to-date with security updates

Luke, for the love of God and for your own sake, please do not
distribute something to your customers that doesn't receive reliable
security updates because of your personal preferences. If someone's
machine gets compromised because of this, it will tarnish your
reputation. Remember your target audience: they're not the type of
people to go into a command-line and do...

> simply "apt-get build-dep" on whatever package is not up-to-date, then
> "apt-get source" it, build it and install the resultant .debs


You're advertising computer cards with Parabola, Debian, Fedora, and
Devuan pre-installed. You should not attempt to do "more" than that by
distributing something that won't update properly (that "testing" image
you mentioned) or that might not receive security updates. Just
distribute the systems as they are officially distributed, with the
exception of the custom kernel needed for the computer card (to ensure
that the hardware works correctly) and some custom default settings to
disable logging (to avoid needless degradation of the NAND or SD card).

At the risk of repeating myself: Devuan should satisfy the needs of
everyone who doesn't like systemd, and I guarantee you that no one who
ordered a computer card with Debian wants a version of Debian without

Julie Marchant

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