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2017-02-08 15:33 GMT+01:00 Julie Marchant <onpon4 at riseup.net>:

> I just want to make sure of something: are the EOMA68-A20 computer cards
> going to be shipped with logging and journaling disabled (so that the
> storage isn't constantly being written to)? I'm asking because this is
> pretty much a necessity for an OS running on NAND or an SD card if you
> don't want to have to constantly buy new SD cards because the previous
> one reached its write limit.

NAND wear is probably more linked to age than number of writes. NAND has
more faults than harddisk. The trick is ECC and headroom and mapping for
faulted sectors.

The biggest issue is boot fixed read addresses.

> Ditto for swap, but given the small amount of NAND on the A20 card, I'm
> sure not having swap is a given anyway. ;)
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