[Arm-netbook] Olimex is making an "open-source" laptop...

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Tue Feb 7 14:01:51 GMT 2017

> Given the post-sales problems with various SoCs and boards, actually
> delivering a top-to-bottom Free Software distribution should be the minimum
> just to demonstrate any particular device's credentials in the "openness"
> department. That's not just an ideological requirement but very much a
> practical one: no-one wants to have to troubleshoot, say, an overheating
> system because the software support involves proprietary pixie dust that may
> or may not be available.

Not only that: if the machine doesn't run a vanilla Linux kernel,
there's a terribly good chance that 3 years down the road, you'll still
be stuck with the same outdated kernel.


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