[Arm-netbook] System 76 - Entering Phase 3

Christopher Havel laserhawk64 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 21 21:02:17 BST 2017

Allan, please help me remember never to try to make a deal with you.

Compromise is the art of two or more parties entering into a partnership
where they each get some of what they want. You scratch my back and I will
scratch yours.

The journey to completely open software is one of those journeys of the
proverbial thousand steps. Each step can be - and,  in some sense, *must*
be - both a compromise and a step forward. Only with enough of both will
you get what you ultimately want.

If you refuse to compromise with someone, you are essentially proposing
that you get all of what  you want and that they get nothing. The result
will be a lose-lose, because they will walk away and make a better deal
with someone else - and you will get nothing, because you won't deal.

Yes, I'm oversimplifying a little - but the point remains and is valid.
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