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> > Not quite sure that is the case. U-Boot provides "early" setup, regulator
> > and clocks etc., for u-boot output. SimpleFB takes over the settings from
> > U-Boot (via u-boot modified device-tree). But a proper KMS/DRM driver
> (sunxi
> > has something working for A13, H3, A33) may change all that.
> There are problems with the H3 (& variants) display driver, on the
> HDMI output front,
> as seen on : http://linux-sunxi.org/GPL_Violations
> Currently the driver cannot be mainlained as-is.

Bear in mind that page is regarding the code in the "Allwinner (Lichee)"
kernel. This does not reflect the code made by the sunxi community to
enable graphics output on mainline.

Besides the code from Allwinner, even with the proper licencing, is not
mainline material. Very quick and dirty code and hacks.

H3 support is mostly hindered by availability and interest.

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