[Arm-netbook] closed-source BootROM and RYF certification

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Subject: closed-source BootROM and RYF certification
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At the forum of NextThing Chip is a thread about Chip and a
possible RYF certification. I wrote there that I think that is unlikely
to happen and linked to https://www.crowdsupply.com/eoma68/micro-desktop/updates/fsf-ryf-background.
Then someone else mentioned that a closed-source BootROM is used for Chip. 
Another guy with username "eaterjolly" wrote about this BootROM: "The same type of SOC is
used for the EOMA croud project which is vying for ryf-endorsement quite
openly [...]"

You can find the forum thread here:

Because they use Discourse to power their forum which relies heavily on
JavaScript I also attach a Pdf version of the forum post.

I wonder if the mentioned statements are correct and how it relates to
the RYF certification of the EOMA68-A20 Libre Tea card.

kind regards

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