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Fri Nov 27 10:54:26 GMT 2015

En 26 de noviembre de 2015 en 23:59:02, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton (lkcl at lkcl.net) escrito:
> > [*] https://developer.qualcomm.com/hardware/dragonboard-410c
> >
> > ("Free graphics possible" according to the Debian Wiki's ARM 64 port page...
> >
> > https://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Port
> Adreno GPU. niiiice. minimalist hardware datasheet (with pinouts
> but not mechanical layout) on arrow electronics, as well as a five
> THOUSAND page datasheet on the hardware registers.
> this might actually qualify as an FSF-Endorseable processor, and,
> with a bit of work, might actually be a great candidate for an EOMA68
> CPU Card. it will need a MIPI-to-RGB/TTL converter IC on-board.
> there's I2C, UART, SPI, 2 SDCs (one is eMMC, the other is SD/MMC),
> only one USB port (bleeeergh!), which means that a USB Hub IC is
> needed..
> so we're looking at... whatever the SoC cost is (knowing qualcomm
> they'll want around the $12 mark for it), plus USB Hub IC and
> components ($1.50), plus a MIPI-to-RGB/TTL converter IC (could be as
> high as $2.50), so we'd be looking at what.... $15....
> ... and the allwinner A64 we know is only $5. with 2 USB interfaces,
> RGB/TTL output....
> whyy, god, whyyyyy... :)

There is a EOMA-68 with Allwinner A20. So you have a cheap EOMA-68.

In my opinion, a EOMA-68 with Qualcomm it is a good idea, because is more
powerful than Allwinner A64 (Adreno 306 is better than Mali 400 MP2).

I have some doubts:
- EOMA-68 has enough power for the Snapdragon 410?
- Do you have support/drivers of the GPU in Linux (like OpenGL ES 3.0)?

In my opinion, there should be a EOMA-68 with a more basic and cheap 
hardware (Allwinner series) and other EOMA-68 with a more powerful and 
expensive hardware (Snapdragon series).

> l.
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