[Arm-netbook] The Unplanned Obsolescence of the First Fairphone Device « Paul Boddie's Free Software-related blog

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Mon Jan 12 01:00:29 GMT 2015

thx paul boddie. I find your articles most helpful to me, broadening my
view, examples of how to write, explaining things really well - gives me
something to link too that explains thinks i've been thinking on or
havn't been thinking about but you hit the nail on the head and write up

I think "fair"phone deserve a slap,nuge,etc. I've been most frustrated
with them and completely disappointed in them. while I thank them for
making the sources of the minerals not (so?) evil. there thinking,policy
about software has been bs :(. it still status quo of a new hole product
each year or 2 to replace what could be a perfectly good working one if
it wasn't for the software. it's like there just another group vs group
and with this group there aim so to keep miners employed at all costs.
while claiming the better morals :(

so thats why i will never get a unfair-to-me-phone.

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