[Arm-netbook] User Replaceable Sockets?

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me
Wed Apr 1 00:06:47 BST 2015

i was wondering about how things like usb sockets and audio and power
barrow jacks could be replaced by users or if not then at least not so
hard to replace? as they do seam to get knackered due to accidents that
happen (partly due to risky living but even then mistakes can and do
happen -it only takes one hard tug of a cable to damage the socket.-).

would it be possible for rhombus-tech products to have a feature like
this sooner than later? or to do it really nicely does it need more ££££
to pay for fancy plastic to click n' replace and therefore with the
challenge of just getting products out there and waiting and seeing how
things go with the first products it's a feature that if it's going to
be implemented, it's one that would be put off for future products?

btw you can get magnet usb plug cables:

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