[Arm-netbook] eoma and qimod

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sun Jun 22 09:54:10 BST 2014


i must apologise to everyone, the effect that the situation with aaron
has had on my associate is more severe than i thought, and that is
actually a *good* thing rather than a bad one.

the original goal - which is at the very top of the rhombus tech web
site - is the one that i wish to see happen.  my associates it turns
out wish to make money as the absolute sole exclusive top priority and
they are prepared to sacrifice all and everything - principles,
ethics, relationships and more - in the pursuit of that absolute
pathological goal.

so the first thing that happened was that the rhombus CIC was shut
down without my being informed.  the second was that i was signed up
as a Director of QiMod Ltd without my signature, then removed when the
situation with aaron occurred.  in between, the idea (suggested by
aaron) was floated to use trademarking to protect the EOMA concept
(and more importantly the end-users from being harmed) by

i've now received demands for cash up-front license fees for the EOMA
concept that *i designed*, when i was planning to work profitably
*with* the very people demanding those fees.

this basically means that the very principles that i founded the
original goal on [to bring together software libre developers with
mass-volume hardware manufacturers at every stage of the product
process in a mutually beneficial way] are being _completely_ violated
by the associates i thought i could trust to help make them happen.
so, aaron, thank you for helping to create a situation in which i
found that out now, rather than later.

so i'm now at a major decision point... but let me be absolutely
clear: i *will not* be sacrificing any principles or ethics, and i
*will* be carrying on the goal.  i will be making one last attempt to
make this clear to my associates over the next few days, but if they
cannot understand how important those principles and ethics are then i
will be forced to carry on without them.

last but most important thing to say for now: to the people who have
donated money over the past couple of weeks, if you would like it
refunded now, please let me know.


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