[Arm-netbook] Which Name/Project/Company Do I Use To Promote?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Feb 19 04:47:50 GMT 2014

On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 4:17 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
<maillist_arm-netbook at aross.me> wrote:
> On 06/02/14 12:09, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>>On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 3:09 AM, Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross
>>> or is the tree something like?:
>>> |-EMOA68
>>> |-QiMod Ltd.
>>> |---Rhombus-tech
>>> |-Make Play Live
> To confirm. QiMod is part of the team that is responsible for and made
> the EMOA86 standard? So do I just promote QiMod or do I promote QiMod &
> EMOA86?

 EOMA68 and QiMod.

>>please don't mention competing products.
> with pleasure.
>>  .net not .org.  and include the link to http://www.qimod.com
> guilty of getting extra lazy by then.
> I'm working on a draft that I'll post soon~ish. I'm stuck on "Why". So
> why as in why why not how,what but why sort of why :) are you doing this?

 that's a long story that has answers on several levels, so it depends
on the audience as to what the answer is.  why am *i* doing this - and
this is not an answer that's for public "consumption" if you will - is
to make money as a stepping stone to other projects that i need to get
done.  rather large projects that also involve simplification or
advancement of technolgy.  one of those involves a modernisation of
the bourke engine, which has a 30% reduction in materials for the same
engine power output, or a 30% fuel efficiency increase.  others
include research into accelerating the search for room-temperature
flexible superconductors and so on.

this one is about simplification of computer technology and making it
more accessible to factories.  it also is a design that, should there
be any serious world-wide problems with export/imports due to
hyperinflation of currencies against the chinese RMB, would mean that
a single shipping container of 5mm x 85mm x 55mm CPU Cards could
supply a year's worth of mass-volume computing power to any small
country, where that country could then locally manufacture much
simpler PCBs and casework *locally*.  so it's a way to keep *two*
countries stable, because if computing (or cars) suddenly get 10 to
50x more expensive due to hyperinflation, that not only buggers things
up for the countries that suddenly can't afford parts or products, but
it buggers things up for china as a major exporter as well.  it's good
for china's government to keep people occupied, if you know what i

along the way i will also fulfil the current goal in an ethical way
that respects software freedom, which happens also to be important
from a business perspective because shipping product with illegal
copyright-violating software tends to result in lawsuits, and product
being impounded and destroyed when imported.

 but if you start talking about that to potential customers about that
they will just go "wtf???" because this is the answer to "why am *i*
doing this", not "why would anyone be interested in it", ok?

so it is *not* an answer to the question "why should i buy anything
from this product range" nor "why should i invest in this product
range" and it would not be appropriate to mention anything of the
above should anyone ask about the project, ok?

so, could i ask you: what is the target audience to whom you would
like to speak, and what question are you anticipating that they ask,
so that we can give them an answer which encourages them to buy.


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